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Orchids and Tropical Plants:

Our tropical plants are Florida grown (greenhouse or open air), NOT Hot House Commercialized wholesale productions that are chemically serviced, gassed, and force bloomed. Therefore, with proper care, are readily adaptable and you are more likely to have success growing. Specializing in Orchids, Bromeliads, & other Epiphytes plus various tropicals, from datura to plum aria.

We offer a variety of ways to purchase from Gifts to garden plants for self purchase (Plant Only) in grow containers, bare root, off sets and cuttings.


- Made to Order: -

Wedding Cake Toppers and Gifts

Center piece and gift planters for every occasion in decorative containers of ceramic, glass, baskets, metal, wooden, sea shell, or in a coconut.

Living Floral Wedding and Event centerpieces & Table Arrangements for Sale or Lease.
Orchids and other plants may be purchased or leased by date for special events such as Weddings, Seminars, and Banquets or by monthly contract for regular rotation for business, professional office or home.

Various Gifts:

Tillandsias (airplants) attached to Fla. sea shells or drift wood.

Gift Baskets for any occasion. Select from theme or holiday, tropical fruit Baskets and more. If you wish to create your own Gift Basket, just tell us what items you want, how many of each and we’ll make that Unique, Personalized gift that shows you care.

Specialty gifts, costume jewelry,
and shell crafted Florida souvenirs.

Art Work/Crafts:

This area offers prints, photos, cards of Florida scenery, landmarks, birds, flowers, wildlife, underwater and macro subjects.

Items can be obtained by:
-Walk in and choose from available items.
-Per order for pick-up by requested date.
-Local delivery: Free first 5 miles ($30 minimum order). $1 per mile afterwards.
Shipping per container weight.
Online Purchase