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Encyclia tampensis Fragrant Native orchid mounted on coconut

Encyclia tampensis Fragrant Native orchid mounted on coconut

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Encyclia tampensis species is native to Florida growth mainly from Tampa Bay Area southFirst pic is of bloom. Flowers same time each year in May / June having a nice light fragrance from star shape flowers on branching spike. It is also referred to as the Florida Butterfly Orchid due to flowers in a breeze appear like little butterflies. It easily forms a large colony often developing several blooming spikes.

 Remaining photos are of actual plant that you will receive, will have multi-psuedobulbs, spouts. It will be a mature blooming size plant that may or may not be In Spike. mounted on portion of Florida coconut. These plants are large with several mature pbulbs and are ready to be hung in screened area or indoors near window. Needs very bright filtered light, can handle good morning or late day direct sun. Here in Central and South Florida can be hung in a tree. Can handle light frost short time temps to 30 degrees but advise covering if overnight is to drop below 40.   

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